I recognize that many users might join for its privacy features. It does not publicly share your bookmarks or other personal data. I consider privacy bugs second in priority only to data integrity bugs. runs on virtual private servers that only I have access to. Wherever possible, the site uses SSL. My goal is to have the site be SSL by default as soon as practicable.

I do not share individual user data with third parties under any circumstances. The site will never show ads. With the exception of payment buttons on the signup and upgrade pages, does not serve third-party content anywhere on the site.

The site does not track clickthroughs or any actions you perform on the site. Next to that removes all known campaign tracking parameters from the URL. Currenly all utm_* parameters are removed automatically, if you encounter other tracking parameters please send an email to with the link and a description and we'll make sure those will be removed as well.

If you close your account all your data will be deleted and will be unrecoverable. This excludes backups for disaster recovery but you data will dissapear after the backups have been updated.

If there is a privacy breach, I promise to disclose it as soon as possible on the site blog and Twitter account.

If you spot a privacy leak, please report it discreetly to

Please do not store truly sensitive information on