bkmrkd.it is a bookmarking website for people who want to keep their bookmarks organised online. The focus is put on organising using tags, ease of use and to keep track of changes in the pages. The site is not meant for (social) sharing of bookmarks, everything is private and behind a login.

Business Model

There is no real commercial business model, this is intentional. This site scratches a personal itch and it would be excellent if the usage covers all costs. Therefore I’ve introduced an initial annual fee of 2 dollars/euros per year.

Depending on the amount of paying users on the site this amount might drop in the future.

Every year I'll write a summary on the expenses and income so you can see for yourself. Next to that there will be some information on the number of users, bookmarks and general setup of the system as it currently is.


Since bkmrkd.it is a small site it's fast enough, customers receive prompt support straight from the developer. Check out the bkmrkd.it twitter feed for examples of support requests and how I respond to them.

Why pay?

It’s simple: running a site costs money. If you're not paying for it, someone else is, and their interests might not align with yours. You might become the product. The intention is to recoup the costs of hosting by user payments, therefore the site will never show ads, and I will never share any data with third parties.


I wrote Pinboard in the spring of 2017 as a personal project, partly out of frustration of not having something available that I liked. I invited volunteers to test the site in June of 2017, and started offering paid accounts in July.


Currently bkmrkd.it is written in PHP using the Laravel framework, there is some supporting javascript. The site uses MySQL for data storage and Amazon S3 to store backups. The site is currently hosted on a single droplet at the AMS datacenter of Digital Ocean. This might change in the future if the number of users increases.


You can reach me by email at support@bkmrkd.it, or as bkmrkd.it on Twitter.